SEO Consulting Service

Ricky Deez offers professional SEO consulting services to companies or individuals who want to achieve the following:

  • Learn how to improve their ranking positions in the search engines for meaningful keywords.
  • Understand what their competition is doing and learn which optimization techniques may be used to beat them.
  • Gain an in-dept knowledge of what specific keywords will increase their conversions and be most profitable.
  • Understand how to develop an excellent internal and external link building campaign.
  • Understand how their website design is helping or hurting them in the search engine rankings and learn how to improve their site structure to get higher ranks and more conversions.
  • Do their own search engine optimization using in-house staff but wanting a head start through consultation with professional SEO's who already have a proven track record of success.
  • Or all of the above.

SEO Consulting Packages

Whether your website is just getting started or you have already been operating online for awhile, our SEO consultants will be able to assist you in increasing your online presence and obtaining better results - guaranteed! We offer online marketing consulting services to make sure you get the right SEO advice which will enable you to optimize and promote your website and gain the valuable knowledge and tools to increase your online presence and bottom line ROI.

Ricky Deez offers Personal or Email internet marketing consulting services:

Personal SEO Consulting Services

Our telephone and personal SEO consulting services start with an initial telephone consultation of one hour required in advance where we will ask you to describe your specific online goals and have you take us through your site explaining why certain functions and features were included and why the site was designed the way it was. This step is extremely important as we do not want you to pay for advice from us that it based on changes that do not meet your goals.

If possible, it is best to have the web developer present for this initial consultation in order to better address technical issues and so that we may get a better understanding of their skills and/or limitations, or so that they can explain how certain aspects of your site function if there are database scripts or content management systems (CMS) in use.

Price: Our personal SEO consulting services start at $350.
One-site consulting is available, contact us for more details.

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Email SEO Consulting Services

Want a written recommendation on specific techniques to improve your online marketing? Our email SEO consulting is an easy and affordable way to get the information you need to help your search engine rankings improve.

Have specific questions you need answered? Don't spend months fishing in the dark by trial-and-error but get accurate, knowledgeable answers to your SEO questions and know that you're doing the right thing for your website rankings with accurate information from our professional and success-proven SEO experts.

Price: Our email SEO consulting services start at $75.

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