What is SEO?

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method of creating and tweaking a website and formulating a competent plan to make it more detectable and visible in the lists of organic search engine results with the main objective of creating higher rate of returns on investment for business continuity, growth, and development through your website.

Why Invest in SEO?

SEO InvestmentToday, the internet is one of the most efficient marketing platforms. There are overflowing targeted searches coming from millions of people around the world each day. Approximately 80% of all users' clicks executed from a search leads to organic listings with the rest headed towards paid or PPC ads.

Having a website that follows specific internet marketing principles and is proficiently optimized for organic keyword searches is essential to produce:

  • Volumes of traffic from online users who already find your services or products interesting.
  • Better visibility of your website in the future.
  • In general, search engine optimization intends to perk up not only your website's visibility, but as well as your on-site rate conversions.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

Many websites' owners are passionate about search engine rankings or positions. They define success when they achieve an arbitrary spot in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The main concern in this thinking is that even the top spot ranking might not translate its visitors into purchases, thus time, effort, and money are put into waste when accomplishing this step, which does not have much business logic.

The Process of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuous procedure that calls for diligent and carefully designed technical methods and steady implementation to be able to produce value and returns for your website and business. SEO is not an overnight venture, meaning it's not viable to simply get the services of someone for a specific amount of money for one month and enjoy considerable investment returns through top listings or rankings on the most popular search engines endlessly. It's hard to achieve easy search engine rankings that are profitable. This is because of the following reasons:

  • The results of SEO depend on the effort and amount of work integrated into the SEO campaign for internet marketing. The more work you perform, the better results you will receive. Once the optimization and content creation stops, the presence and visibility of your website will become inactive, and your competitor that was far behind you may be able to lead your niche.
  • Your competitors may be new or even have an existing online businesses and they are expected to hire an SEO company to obtain web presence regularly, thus you need to do the same. For instance, if company 1 reaches the top spot of the search results but suddenly discontinues its Search Engine Optimization marketing campaign, then company 2 has the opportunity to soar high leaving company 2 behind with the help of SEO. Search engine optimization is definitely an ongoing and long term investment.

How Do We SEO?

SEO ProcessAs one of the best San Diego SEO companies, RickyDeez makes use of the idea that search engines monitor people by observing their behaviors when performing searches (what type of pages or contents online users prefer to look for and read) by understanding which keyword(s) or key phrase(s) sets they utilize and search with. It is a common circumstance that natural, distinct content will create interest to your targeted market.

There are three main factors that RickyDeez regards as vital when performing any SEO campaign:

  • Ease of Access - Enhancing the fundamental, technical SEO aspects that compose your website.
  • Good Quality Content - Improve your website's pages or content for the benefit of users and indexing of search engines.
  • Reliability - Advance your website's reliability and dependability with organic search engines through link building.

With this information at hand, it is most effective for your web presence and visibility to have unique, yet convincing and informative content, which incorporates your marketing message as well as your profitable and targeted keywords - since search engines find this desirable. We have put this in our hearts and minds when developing your site and professionally optimizing your marketing campaign for your keywords and marketing message to come across.

Depending on your needs and requirements, our organic SEO services offer:

•  Profitable Keyword Targeting

This is the method of discovering which sets of keywords or key phrases are the most result-oriented at positioning your website's content on popular search engines, and which of them are the most advantageous for your business. In fact, shorter keywords appear to be extremely broad as well as very competitive.

For example, "dolls" can present Google results of over 69,000,000 competing sites. Due to this, most doll manufacturing businesses highly consider this keyword to be targeted. On the other hand, longer and more definite keywords or phrases, like "cheap dolls in San Diego", is not very competitive and is generally easier to optimize. Therefore, we deem that shoppers perform shorter keyword searches while buyers carry out longer key phrases searches.

We do our best to get a hold of as many buyers as possible to our clients by optimizing unique keywords.

•  Targeted Link Building

The hyperlinks that show the way to your site coming from 3rd party sites are known as "backlinks". Links, which directly point toward your website, can be considered as your site's "votes". As a result, the more "votes" you generate, the higher your site's position will be in the rankings. Of course, you don't desire to have many "bad" links or votes coming from spam websites. These will do you no good, and they can even impact your site negatively.

The best way to achieve the top rank in the popular search engines listings is through high quality links. You should not only rely on quality links, but you should also have relevant links. If you operate a website about herbal products for losing weight, it's inconsequential to place links from construction firms. It would be more beneficial to have links from related companies that manufacture products such as diet pills, diet juices, or even blogs talking about how to lose weight.

A significant segment of our link building campaign for our clients is that we assess and examine in detail your competitors linking structure to determine what their positions are. If your closest competitor present 1000 links and you only have 100, then we can formulate a plan that will help you increase your ranking. We utilize your nearest competition as a basis in recognizing what we need to perform to put your site on top; we do not only desire to strike your competition down, but we make sure that they will never get up!

Our strategies of link building are crafted to ultimately perform such taskā€¦. Defeat your competition!

•  Social Media Optimization (SMO)

This is quite a fresh marketing concept. SMO is the strategy of letting your website become more effortless to link from social networking websites and other online sources. This may incorporate RSS Feeds, social bookmarking, sending or submitting content to social websites, and many other techniques.

Creating link-worthy content also plays a major part in social networking arena.

•  Quality Web Content Writing

In fact, the quality and relevance of your website's content has a significant role in finding out how competent and proficient your SEO campaigns are. Therefore, your content should be:

    • 100% distinct and unique
    • Superior quality
    • Easy to comprehend and understand by online visitors
    • Easy to read by "spiders" of search engines to "crawl" your website without complexity
    • Rich targeted keywords

Our SEO firm can put together friendly SEO content into your site from the start. If content is readily available in your website, then we have the expertise to evaluate them for the standards as stated above and tweak or fix as needed. To appropriately furnish your website with content that is keyword rich, we make use of proprietary tools or software, which scrutinizes all your site's pages and let us discover what is missing or inappropriate. We regulate the content to integrate keywords for the organic search engines, while we make sure that it can be read without difficulty for the visitors' expediency.

•  Manual Submission to Directories

We perform manual submission to directories with vigilance as well as prudence. Some SEO firms will submit your website to each and every directory that they come across with just to obtain links and to demonstrate to you that they are performing their job. In fact, submitting to directories all over the place is relatively painless and it's absolutely free, that's why their value is insignificant.

We will submit your website to purposefully targeted and high quality directories that will assist your website, instead of putting it in danger like what blanketed directory submission can grant you. We keep a targeted database containing hundreds of the most popular, traffic-rich directories, thus we will only submit your website to directories that are pertinent to your business as well as your keyword campaign and strategy.

We assure you that we will submit your site to directories not in bulk, rather in manual and natural increments. This is vital because search engines might deem your site to be a spam and might penalize or dismiss your site when you have no links today and you'll have 100 or more directory links tomorrow.

You are guaranteed that your site will be submitted in an efficient manner so that your site will not be given a red flag from search engines.

•  Meta, Heading, Title - Website Tag Optimization

There are some disputes concerning the importance of Meta, Heading, and Title tags in Search Engine Optimization. In actual point of fact, they are noteworthy and should be considered essential to implement and optimize. Technical Search Engine Optimization is still active, and some search engines still assess both the headings and title tags thoroughly to learn about the site's vision or purpose. Although Meta tags are not as important as it were before, we treat even the smallest aspects significant when working to get your website in the best search listing rank, so we also carefully take care of Meta tags.

We provide custom tag optimization services for your entire website. As we review your site, we guarantee that every webpage will have appropriate keywords as well as targeted Meta, Heading, and Title tags. We will ensure that the tags appear natural to online users and search engines, so your website will not be reprimanded or penalized due to prohibited or spam practices.

Ethical SEO - Our Practice

"Black hat" SEO practices are insistent form of SEO strategies and techniques. They were efficient for search engine rankings before. Black hat SEO methodologies were formulated to trick and deceive search engines believing that the site is appropriate and useful as it appears - some of these techniques include, but are not restricted to:

  • Putting hidden text content to your webpage, i.e. black text on black background
  • Meta, Heading, and Title tags keyword spamming or stuffing
  • Submitting your website to free of charge link farms
  • Wrapping or cloaking
  • Doorway web pages to ploy search engines into witnessing content different from what visitors actually see

Google and other popular search engines utilize filters to get rid of black hat SEO tactics. These strategies are not only unproductive for rankings in search engines but can also harm a website's status and reputation to its visitors - it can even easily become banned from search engines as well. Aside from this, no one desires to visit and read a webpage stuffed with too many keywords that the content does not make any sense.

As one of the best organic SEO firms, our chief goal concerning Search Engine Optimization is to formulate considerable worth for your business operation through improved, targeted and reliable volumes of organic traffic. Since there is no logic and business relevance when SEO is performed with robots and people; unscrupulous, dishonest and proscribed SEO is not part of our business policy and guiding principle.

SEO Campaigns - A Long-Term Investment

SEO Campaign ResultsThe SEO process is not an overnight job with on the spot, towering rankings. Competent SEO is an ethical, long-term method, and well-planned initiatives that requires quality time, proficiency, as well as investment.

By and large, with a useful SEO campaign, you will be able to achieve an increase in rankings within 3 to 5 months. Some of our clients even obtain positive results within 1 to 2 weeks. Make sure to review the internet marketing expectations so you are aware what you should expect from any SEO company.

There are several aspects that a search engine consider when ranking your website. These include:

  • Domain or website age
  • Targeted keywords competition
  • Quantity of functional and quality links placed on your website
  • Technical optimization on your webpage
  • Internal link design

All of these factors are critical to your website to attain web presence or visibility and improved rankings.

Realizing improvement or development is not a precise discipline, however with sufficient time and enormous effort we always commit to the improvement of rankings of our clients' websites. Contact us today for a free consultation. We listen to your goals, review your website and analyze your competition and give you our honest option and what you can expect - all for free.

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