What is a Web Developer?

You've probably came across the term 'Web Developer' online somewhere - or someone told you that your business or websites needs a 'Web Developer'. You tried searching online for one, but you don't really know what one does.

How can you hire one if you aren't sure what one exactly does? How do you know which ones are skilled to meet your needs?

Web Developer Definition

A Web Developer is defined by Wikipedia as:

Web Developer"A software developer or software engineer who is specifically engaged in the development of World Wide Web applications, or distributed network applications that are run over the HTTP protocol from a web server to a web browser. Many web developers are also skilled in related areas such as web design, information architecture, usability engineering, web content management systems, web server administration, database administration, software engineering, project management, network security, and search engine optimization."

Unless you are actually a Web Developer yourself - you still probably have no idea what the above web developer definition means. No wonder people are confused on what exactly a Web Developer does. Even an experienced Web Developer would have to reread that definition a few times to clearly understand what it was trying to say.

So... what exactly do Web Developers do?

A simpler definition of a Web Developer that states that Web Developers handle all programming aspects of creating a web site including HTML programming, creating graphics, adding pictures, creating links, and everything else that goes into building a web site.

Finding a Web Developer

How do you find a good and competent Web Developer? Sure, you can search Craigslist or Monster and find hundreds of individuals or companies offering Web Development services, but how do you know which ones are good and know what they are doing?

A truly competent Web Developer should be 3 positions in one – a Web Programmer, a Web Designer and an Online Marketer. They should be able to handle anything you need done for your website - anything from making a website logo to applying SEO techniques to acquire more visitors.

Web Developer Specialization

Unfortunately, even today it is hard to find a skilled Web Developer who excels at the 3 positions. Generally people specialize and can only focus on 1 of the 3 positions to acquire skills in. This is a big disadvantage for anyone looking to hire a Web Developer because they then need to hire 2 other people to fill the voids that 1 cannot fulfill.

One of the biggest fights for any Web Developer is trying to master Web Design and Programming/Marketing correlation. It is hard for people to possess the logical aspect of programming with the creativity of web design – they each use a separate side of the brain. Each part of the brain specializes in its own style of thinking and has different capabilities.

A sign of a superior Web Developer is someone who can excel all web design, programming and online marketing. RickyDeez is one of the best Web Developers that can truly do it all. Contact him for a free website consultation.

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