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Why spend thousands of dollars hiring an expensive web designer?

Don’t waste your time and energy attempting to customize a website template yourself. You can get it professionally done for very cheap. Premade templates are the best and quickest way to get a desired professional looking website without sacrificing money and quality.

Many people working on a small or tight budget may decide to take the short cut of using a template website design rather than having a custom and unique design created by a professional web designer. That's completely reasonable, but using a template design without making any changes means you'll end up with a website that looks like everybody else's.

You may want a professional touch before you are fully satisfied with your product. Ricky’s template services can customize your premade template to match your personal needs.


Web Template Scam

Scores of web designers today are incredibly deceitful and are fundamentally scamming their clients out of money through web design fraud and template scams.

While doing some freelance work, there are a lot of web designers out there who offer to do web design service for very cheap. A lot of the time this includes offering their "custom web design" service. Shrugging my shoulders, I usually say to myself, "Oh well, I offer my quality services at a premium and some clients simply want cheap designs… for cheap", and move on.


Web Templates vs Custom Design

Web templates are classified as 'premade' website designs and can range in anything from a design from Template Monster to the simple theme that comes along with WordPress or any blog. In today's world, any professional web designer should have the experience to work with website templates, as well as create their own custom website design masterpieces for their clients.

Before you offer either one to your client, as a web designer you should know the features of both, as well as each of their individual advantages and disadvantages to select the one that would best serve your client. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a web template vs a custom designed website:


SEO Debate: HTML vs. Flash

The Adobe Flash platform has grown from a crude animation software to a mature application development environment. Many design agencies specialize in spectacular Flash websites, and their creations are often rich interactive experiences built to wow the audience. Flash has a bad reputation for harming search engine visibility.

Not all flash on a web site is considered to be bad. A flash banner or gallery slideshow can add a lot of interactivity to a boring HTML website and your ranking in the SERPs can remain high. However, while it is possible to build a website entirely in Flash, it is not recommended in any online marketing or organic SEO campaign.


Understanding CSS Font Sizing

One of the persisting controversies when it concerns CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and fonts in web design is which value to apply when specifying font sizes for the website or screen. When trying to understand proper CSS font sizing, the trouble comprises a complex one since there are some philosophical and browser support issues corrupting the entire subject and adding to the confusion.

There are a lot of dissimilar techniques of sizing text on the internet, and regrettably, at the current time none of them are 100% successful to a web designer. A few are alright, others more effective, and most altogether are almost worthless.


SEO Web Design

Web design, and more specifically SEO web design, is absolutely critical. True SEO web design isn't magic or hocus pocus, its an online art that requires following a fairly defined path of website development including valuable and unique reader content, properly design pages, prominently placed key search terms, search term refinement and page comparison. RickyDeez provides SEO web designs and development services, which includes a strong search engine optimization strategy with an eye to usability and aesthetics.

During the late 1990s, SEO web design was a very simple method (typically just tweaking meta-tags and submission to search engines). All our online marketing services - SEO web design, hosting and search engine optimization - are priced for the budget-minded, small to medium business owner who is looking to increase website sales or traffic while increasing their bottom line ROI.

We offer an entire selection of affordable SEO web design packages and search engine optimization services for SEO visibility such as, link building, article marketing and business blogs to supply your site with links, traffic and search engine trust. Let our onsite SEO web design team redesign your website for high search rankings.



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