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Need SEO services? Not sure where to start or how much to spend on Search Engine Optimization services? How much you invest in SEO tends to depend on how much that website traffic matters to your business and how likely you are to track the value of incoming traffic sources, and hence be willing to spend per source.

Search marketing is a $6 billion dollar industry, and SEO is an effective part of this big business. Investment in SEO has more than doubled in the past year. Marketers at high-growth (in terms of gross sales) ecommerce sites told us in a March 2006 survey that they spent 12.9% of their total online budget on SEO.

SEO service and analysis is a proven tactic that has performed year in and year out for more than a decade now. It’s not easy, requiring some technical savvy to do well and enough ongoing change in the ground rules to be a bit frustrating to keep track of. SEO isn’t easy. However, in an advertising world where very few things can be counted on, online marketing is a reassuringly safe investment for any business owner.

What type of SEO service do I need?

Just as no advertising agency is perfect for every single client in the world, there’s no single size-fits-all SEO firm. Almost all business have specific needs and many firms have specialties, which could include PR-based SEO, local search maximization, pay-per-click campaigns, social and viral marketing or industry segments. Each of these (and many others not listed here) requires a profoundly different set of tactics and knowledge beyond the basics.

RickyDeez is available to consult with your business to help you determine your unique SEO goals. View our standard SEO packages or contact us today and get a free SEO consultation which will assist you in determining what type of SEO service best suites your needs.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engines are one of the most effective tools for gaining customers online. They produce high quality traffic and in high numbers (research shows that over 85% of web site traffic comes from search engines). If a person is actively searching for a product, for example "red woven sweater," he/she is much more likely to purchase that product than a customer who is just browsing the web and stumbles upon a web site selling sweaters.

However, positioning of a web site in the top results for certain search phrases requires much expertise and many hours of manual work. Our experienced web marketing analysts are here to address and assist you with this issue. The following search engine optimization services are available:

› Keyword Analysis

Analyze your and your competitors' sites, and determine the most popular keyword phrases customers use when looking for your products or services. Keyword analysis is the first step and most important in increasing your profits. You want to make sure you target the correct search engine traffic that will convert on your web site.

› Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the art and science of constructing and copywriting your Web site pages in such a manner that search engines will be more apt to notice them and, just as importantly, to rank your pages higher for relative search terms. It also includes any no-cost submissions to related directories. If all goes well, your pages will be listed within a search engine’s free listings, otherwise known as “organic” or “natural” listings.

Examine all the pages in your website using standard search engine optimization guidelines. We will concentrate on content, meta-tags, page titles, header tags, image tags (alt tags) and internal linking of your pages. With our SEO service, we will prepare a detailed report with exact instructions on how to modify your site to achieve better search engine placement.

› Search Engine Submission / Link Building

Submit your site to all major search engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, and over 30 others), as well as a starting link building campaign which will help in increasing your search engine positioning and web site traffic.

› Search Engine Rankings / Analysis

Monitor your search engine position and recommend further improvements. Search engines rules constantly change and you need to be on top of your game. Luckily, our engineers are always on top of the latest search engine news and tactics. As soon as search engines introduce new rules we will re-evaluate your site and recommend improvements to keep you listed high in the rankings.

Interested in our online marketing services? Simply contact us today and someone from our firm will contact you back shortly to discuss your project.

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