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What is SEO?

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method of creating and tweaking a website and formulating a competent plan to make it more detectable and visible in the lists of organic search engine results with the main objective of creating higher rate of returns on investment for business continuity, growth, and development through your website.

Why Invest in SEO?

SEO InvestmentToday, the internet is one of the most efficient marketing platforms. There are overflowing targeted searches coming from millions of people around the world each day. Approximately 80% of all users' clicks executed from a search leads to organic listings with the rest headed towards paid or PPC ads.

Having a website that follows specific internet marketing principles and is proficiently optimized for organic keyword searches is essential to produce:

  • Volumes of traffic from online users who already find your services or products interesting.
  • Better visibility of your website in the future.
  • In general, search engine optimization intends to perk up not only your website's visibility, but as well as your on-site rate conversions.


SEO Package Comparison

Looking for a SEO package? There's no single size-fits-all SEO plan - almost all businesses have specific needs and goals. Each of these SEO package features (and many others not listed here) requires a profoundly different set of marketing and optimization tactics and knowledge beyond the basics.

RickyDeez offers affordable SEO plans which are categorized for your specific individual or business dedication and experience level. If you are new to internet marketing and want to see how well it will do for your business, we suggest the Starter SEO Plan. The Serious SEO Plan is for businesses that realize the benefits of investing in website optimization and online marketing and want to make sure they get great results and increases ROI. Want to dominate your market and competition? The Strategy SEO Plan is the one for you.

An ongoing and extensive website strategy is implemented to make sure you will reach your goals and increase your bottom-line ROI on an ongoing basis. Of course, feel free to contact us today and we can always generate a custom SEO plan to suit your individual needs.


SEO Services

Need SEO services? Not sure where to start or how much to spend on Search Engine Optimization services? How much you invest in SEO tends to depend on how much that website traffic matters to your business and how likely you are to track the value of incoming traffic sources, and hence be willing to spend per source.

Search marketing is a $6 billion dollar industry, and SEO is an effective part of this big business. Investment in SEO has more than doubled in the past year. Marketers at high-growth (in terms of gross sales) ecommerce sites told us in a March 2006 survey that they spent 12.9% of their total online budget on SEO.

SEO service and analysis is a proven tactic that has performed year in and year out for more than a decade now. It’s not easy, requiring some technical savvy to do well and enough ongoing change in the ground rules to be a bit frustrating to keep track of. SEO isn’t easy. However, in an advertising world where very few things can be counted on, online marketing is a reassuringly safe investment for any business owner.



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