Deez 2.0

Notice anything different around here? Well you should. A re-design of RickyDeez has just been released. If you notice anything broken, please send a quick email and I will get it fixed.

Web Design Updates

The major change you will notice is a completely new web design.

Lets take a look at the before and after:

Ricky Deez 1.0vs.Ricky Deez 2.0

You can see the clear difference and contrast in styles. When I first created the site, I was attempting to create a more corporate/business style website so I used a clean cut look with somewhat dull colors. In the new 2.0 version, I wanted to switch from the corporate style to a more personal portfolio look. I decided to go with a darker color scheme with more color contrasts to give this site a more individualistic and personal style.

Some additional features I added on the homepage is a Flash overview of my Portfolio. I find that my work speaks for itself and wanted to have that the dominant aspect when someone first visits my website. Using flash adds a little interactivity to the site as viewers can click and scroll through my various websites and projects. This will be able to very quickly show them the level of my expertise.

Below that you will notice 3 boxes. After my portfolio, I wanted to present the different services I offer. I generally focus on 3 types of web services: Web Design, Custom Programming and Internet Marketing. I feel these are the top 3 services anyone will be looking for and I have perfected my skills in each of the services so I can offer basically a top-quality one-stop-shop for people looking for any type of internet services. I also feel these 3 services are needed for all websites in order to become successful in today's market.

Web Design Perfection

When it comes to my own sites and web designs, I tend to become a perfectionist. Because of this, it took me a few months to finally get satisfied enough to finally release this new site. Now, I don't think I will ever be completely satisfied with any of my websites - there are always improvements that can and should be done.

No site should ever be thought as 'finished' and you leave it at that. One of the best things you can do for SEO is to continually update your website for your viewers as well as for search engines. Think of it as an investment - keep building your website up to bigger and better things. Each step and small improvement will add up and pay off down the road.

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