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Website Maintenance Services

Your websites needs updating on a regular basis, however you don't have sufficient amount of time to perform the task. Because you are a busy individual, we understand this, so we've made this guideline for you to gain knowledge of our website maintenance services.

We can manage one-time projects as well as long-term support – meaning we can work for you as long as you want. If you have long-term goals and needs, we can furnish you with competitive rates on monthly maintenance and prepaid packages.

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San Diego Web Developer

Looking for a superior San Diego web developer?

Choosing a web developer in San Diego can be a complicated task. Because there are no licensing examinations and requirements for web a developer, the web development industry has become swamped by many individuals and companies with different web skill capabilities. In fact, most of the people who claim to be web developers are chiefly programmers or graphic designers. The best approach in finding a good San Diego web developer is to look for their portfolio and check the websites they’ve worked on. When browsing through a portfolio you should set your eyes on the features that you want to integrate in your own website.

If you build it, will they come? Well, the simple answer is No. Having a nifty web site isn't enough in today's web world - you have to be able to market that web site online so that your potential customers and users can discover you precisely when they need to!

RickyDeez offers professional full-service web development services. His experience has gained him proficient knowledge in web design (photoshop, illustrator), web development (dreamweaver), programming (html, javascript, php, mysql), server management and a heavy concentrate on internet marketing (seo).

We will work with you to guarantee that your web site gets outstanding results in all areas.


What is a Web Developer?

You've probably came across the term 'Web Developer' online somewhere - or someone told you that your business or websites needs a 'Web Developer'. You tried searching online for one, but you don't really know what one does.

How can you hire one if you aren't sure what one exactly does? How do you know which ones are skilled to meet your needs?


Web Development Services

RickyDeez offers advanced web development services including custom web design, custom programming and online marketing services. View a brief overview of web development services we offer:

› AJAX › JavaScript › jQuery › DHTML
› ASP › Dreamweaver › Photoshop › Illustrator
› Flash › Fireworks › Word / Excel › Analytics
SEO PPC › Server › DNS
› CMS › WordPress › Joomla › XML

All of the specific web development techniques that are imperative for building highly usable sites are always being updated to utilize the latest technologies, including HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, Photoshop CS, and PHP. The beauty and creative design techniques we utilize will bring any website above and beyond its competitor.



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